GMO, Yes or No

An interesting link was posted on our Facebook page the other day and it got me thinking… Is everyone clear on what is GMO?  I don’t think so otherwise there wouldn’t be this big debate.  Many of us at the garden are against the use of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products but then there are probably others that don’t really know enough about the concerns because they haven’t done the research. So I thought I would help that along.  Today, it’s difficult to avoid eating GMO products but then this is what many folks are trying to change. According to Non GMO, “GMO’s are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals.” A simple solution is to only eat organic, but as you will read – that isn’t enough. I talk about wanting to share the knowledge of at least asking the question, “where does our food come from?” Since this is such a heavily layered topic it’s not an easy decision but I think it will help if I share some links on either side of the debate and maybe then you will arrive at a decision or at least be more educated on the subject. I apologize in advance for the biased opinion of this post.  GMO-labellingObviously if you have grown it in your own garden it must be safe.  Yes, it offers more nutrients and vitamins than vegetables from the frozen section at your neighborhood store but not necessarily because you grew it in your garden—because it is fresh.  If you didn’t use organic seeds, there’s a good chance that the seeds you’re using are genetically modified seeds. Not organic – therefore it can produce a GMO product. For some that isn’t a bad thing. This website, posted an article which is what pushed me to gather more information, get interested and educate myself instead of just following my peers.

Didn’t they begin genetically modifying our crops because they wanted them to be pest resistant?  Isn’t that a good thing? I never even thought about my food source until viewing this documentary in 2008 Food, Inc., which was my wake-up call.  If you haven’t seen it yet please take the time then you will at least have an opinion of what you eat.  Monsanto is the leading corporation in this fight for GMO.  I stumbled across this blog that discusses the current debate on the labeling of Non GMO products.

I’m hoping this has piqued your interest so that you will further investigate on your own. And before I end I’d like to share a little tidbit I learned this week. It’s not a secret that we all use Google search, so next time try Google News – then type in your topic.  Connects you to what is current and offers a quick-n-dirty research resource!


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