Companion Planting


Soon it will be winter and the only thing gardeners can do is peruse the seed catalogs and the Old Farmer’s Almanac dreaming of the day when the ground has warmed again and the soil will be easier to till anticipating that planting season is close by.  So the excitement of your favorite seed catalog arriving in the mail is only known by other garden enthusiast. The question of what to plant is always foremost on the gardeners mind. Tried and true are always a sure bet but the unknown makes it so much more magical. The worry and threat of insects and animal pests can put a damper on that magical moment. Making sure your garden vegetables have sufficient amount of sunlight, enough water and good soil aren’t always enough. So planning ahead is important. Knowing that planting marigolds are as good as gold around tomatoes to ward off pests as Old Farmer’s Almanac implies, is a sure bet. But why? Its been scientifically proven that certain plants give off a chemical that ward off certain pests.  Like the marigold for instance, magically repel Mexican beetles.  And for some reason planting basil next to your tomatoes and lettuce improves the flavor and magically repels mosquitoes.

Another great site comes from the online organic magazine Organic Gardening which offers several articles on companion planting. And from searching for images I found this very helpful chart.

Image Have fun dreaming of the next planting season and continue to do your homework and research before planning out the layout for your next best garden ever!


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