Circle of Life

When you first think about seeds it’s generally after you’ve decided you’re going to grow a garden and are thinking about what you will be growing.  Now that you’ve decided on what, where and when, it’s time to purchase those seeds. So simple enough – you go to a reputable nursery and buy your seeds or order them from one of those seed catalogs you’ve been ogling all winter.  But don’t forget our discussions in weeks passed on the topics of GMO and Organic foods. This will help you decide what to look for when buying your seeds.

Unless of course you saved seeds from previous seasons or are part of a growing community of seed sharers.  Yes, here is another layer onto the ever growing pile of garden information I want to introduce to you.


What’s that you say, you want to be a seed sharer and you’re curious about learning more about seed saving?  Well I just happened to stumble upon the best site, especially if you are local to New Mexico, they even offers workshops. Garden’s Edge is dedicated to preserving native seeds by conducting classes to teach us. The benefits of seed saving from plants that have already adapted to your climate, soil and water usage are to grow stronger and better plants in their own suitable climate.  Doesn’t that make sense?  It’s not a wonder why every year when I purchase plants and/or vegetables that were grown in California they die here in New Mexico.  It’s not me, it’s the seed from which the plant was grown.  There are even Seed Banks that provide farmers with seeds on credit, and after their first harvest they pay them back with seeds.

If you’re curious as where to start Organic Gardening has a “Beginner’s Guide” that has been very helpful. It discusses which are the best seeds to save and which are not, and why.  So maybe you aren’t ready to save seeds this season… Read the articles so you are more informed before you purchase your seeds and maybe next season when your beautiful organic plump cucumbers are ready to pick, think about saving seeds for next season so you can save money and have a better chance that your cucumbers will be more beautiful than the season before.  And remember, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. There are to consider.  Here’s another great site discussing Monsanto and the seed industry.  I promise, it’s interesting stuff.  So remember my motto; Read, and read more and don’t forget to do your research.


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