Greenhouse Project Timeline, Pt. 1

I will be updating this timeline as we continue to progress on the Greenhouse Project.  I am hoping that sharing this information with others will inspire you to build your own greenhouse or even start your own community garden.


6/4         Proposal, Draft

6/10       Proposal, Working Draft

6/13       PNM Application & Budget, ready

8/12       Congratulations!  Your proposal for a 30th Anniversary Grant from the PNM Fund has been approved for funding in the amount of $6,085.21.

9/6         We received the PNM Resources Foundation greenhouse grant check today. From left to right are Deb Christensen (VCG President), Suzanne Taylor, Geri Rhodes (grant writer), Joyce Johns (grant writer and VCG Treasurer), and Donna Holliday (PNM Resources Foundation Valencia County representative). Grant Committee advisors were Ron Goens, Lorri Gast, and Andra Stratton. Thanks to everybody who made our greenhouse possible.

10/23   Greenhouse ordered|psocial|fbx|dynamic#.UpKKCuIliRM

10/29    Tool Inventory completed

             Supplies Ordered

The space selected for our greenhouse was in a no-till test zone. We harvested the tomatoes just before our last canning workshop and then the area needed to be be cleared. Most of the dead tomato plants were put in the noxious weed pile instead of our regular compost area to try and reduce the amount of “volunteer” tomato plants popping up in the spring.





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