Greenhouse Project – Timeline, pt. 2

Sometime between receiving the PNM Grant and ordering the greenhouse a Greenhouse Building Committee was formed.

2013 Timeline

10/30    Ron, George, and Steve leveled the site and did a lot of measuring and digging. The corners are square and the area looks just like the beginning of an archaeology dig. The greenhouse arrived at Home Depot. (email)

10/31    Ron and I went to Home Depot this afternoon to see what the “package” looked like and he decided he could use his pick up since there are multiple boxes and most are lightweight. He will go at 10 in the morning to pick it all up. If you want to help unload, check with Ron. Ron took pictures of the leveled site. It is important to document the steps and stages for our report to PNM. Saturday they will begin the trench digging. Be there if you can dig square! Jjh (email)

11/9       email to VCG members

We need help this Saturday 11.9 getting the greenhouse site ready for the pour, which is postponed until we can do these tasks:  getting the forms aligned with the string line at the right elevation and position, setting the forms, fastening the forms to the screed, installing the insulation, and backfilling around the forms. There’ll be at least a couple Greenhouse Committee supervisors so even if you’ve never done this before, you can help.  We start at 9 a.m.  Ask Ron Goens any questions you may have.  I’m sending this to everybody, but please let me know if you don’t want greenhouse reports.  Geri

Interview with Geri about the step-by-step process in applying for the PNM 30th Anniversary Grant Proposal for the Valencia Community Gardens greenhouse:


ImagePreparing to set the footings, everything must be level and square.Image


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