Greenhouse Project – Timeline, Part 7

2013 Timeline

11/30    Worked on the final stage of the framework.  Redwood, 2×4’s are used to deterrent bugs and rot.  The first layer will be bolted to the cement foundation.  The 2nd layer will be screwed to the first 2×4.  This will provide more strength to the greenhouse.

We talked about placing the ground cloth under the first layer of framework to hold it in place, and is would run down the foundation onto the ground.  We are still working out details as to what will happen next – work on the floor or build the greenhouse first.  According to the directions, the greenhouse will take one person 9 hours to build.

            After today’s work, if weather permits, there will be a crew on Wednesday to finish up the redwood framework and decide about the floor.

Just a few of us turned out today… thought the greenhouse was going up… not.


Ran out of threaded rod to sink in foundation and installed a couple of cement anchor bolts.




Bottom 2 x 4 will bolt to cement foundation.  2nd 2 x 4 will sit on top.


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